Keys & Fobs

All LMCH apartment buildings have a controlled entry system. LMCH will give you keys or fobs for your unit and for your mailbox. Changing your own locks is not permitted. 

If you need a lock change or a key/fob replacement, please contact our Property Services Team:
Email - maintenancerepair [at] (maintenancerepair[at]lmch[dot]ca) 
Phone - call 519-434-2765 dial 1, and then 1 again during normal business hours. 

Please be aware that a lock change fee or key replacement fee may be applied.  Costs are broken down here:

Mailbox Keys: $10.00
Unit door Keys: $10.00
Kent St. Unit door Keys: $12.00
Fobs: $15.00
Lock Changes: $25.00
Remote (accessible entry) Replacement: $65.00 
After-hours charge- $100 *added to tenant leger