Board of Directors

Board Members

Shawn Lewis

Shellie Chowns

Tammy Brooks

Gary Bezaire

Phil Squire - Chair

John Corboy

Hadleigh McAlister

Mayor Colin Grantham

Tenant Director (VACANT)

LMCH's Board of Directors is comprised of an extremely engaged group of local business and community leaders who dedicate their personal time to help strengthen our communities. Two of the directors on our board are current tenants of LMCH. Having tenants on our Board of Directors helps to have a tenant voice and hear the current needs of our tenants. 

LMCH is focused on living out the strategic goal of engaging, supporting and empowering its tenants. Therefore, the tenant voice is included at the highest level of governance, where they can provide their expertise, guidance, and insights that can improve the organization as a whole through the Board of Directors.

Our Board is highly engaged in our mission and through a governance model, set LMCH's strategic direction and oversees operations. 

LMCH manages all publicly owned rent-geared-to-income housing in London and Middlesex. We are governed by a board of nine directors. This includes two councilors from the City of London and one elected official from the County of Middlesex.

Board meetings are open to the public. LMCH'S Board Meetings are posted immediately following each meeting and can be found here. The Board meets every third Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m.



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