LMCH's First Ever Redevelopment Project - Reimagine Southdale

London Middlesex Community Housing’s Reimagine Southdale aims to help improve availability and reduce barriers to affordable housing for those who need it most, while also helping to cultivate vibrant, connected, and sustainable communities. 

The property at Southdale and Millbank currently hosts 166 townhouse units. Over the course of the three-phase project, the space will be upgraded to a total of 265 units, including 98 townhouses and 167 apartments. Slated to take place over the course of the next decade, this project will not only improve access to affordable housing but will also help to enrich the Southdale community. 

We have created a new page on our website dedicated to sharing information about Reimagine Southdale. This page will consistently updated with new information about the project. Please continue to check back for new updates. The page currently features our current status, what's next, pictures of our vision for the site, and a section where you can learn about each phase of the project. 

Click here to view the Reimagine Southdale page.